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Therapy with depth 
in Missouri and Kansas

Bringing the unconscious into consciousness as a path to self-discovery.

I help motivated entrepreneurs and professionals, just like you, who want to deepen their experience of life and to expand their capacity for intimacy- both with themselves and with others. We’ll work closely together to discover what it means to cultivate  authentic connections without feeling like you'll never be fully known or understood.

From the outside looking in, it seems like you have all your shit together...but inside? It might be a different story. Sometimes it feels like you’re falling apart. 


Your dedicated, driven character has provided great opportunities and successes. in fact, you’re proud of what you’ve accomplished. Yet, there are times when you fantasize of escaping the life you’ve worked so hard for in favor of a permanent island vacation…or anywhere for that matter, where you could disconnect from all of the responsibilities you have. You wonder if it’s even okay to feel that way, and sometimes you feel guilty for not feeling grateful for what you have. At the same time, the question lingers, “Isn’t there more to life than this?”

You’ve often felt alone in this experience and find yourself longing for deeper connection…both to yourself and others. You’re ready to understand just what it is that is holding you back. ​The struggles of anxiety and wavering self-confidence get in the way of life at times. You find yourself stuck in old patterns that you're ready to move on from, but you just can't figure out how to.


You’ve read every self-help book known to man, scoured podcasts on various methods of healing, searched zillions of articles on the what’s, how’s, and why’s of the psyche, and have showed up to “do the work” in therapy, often finding that you feel plateaued- the work somehow doesn't go deep enough. Perhaps you’ve even done spiritual retreats or engaged in alternative healing methods that have opened your mind to what it looks like to embody more contentment with life, but for some reason, it’s hard to maintain that feeling.  


My clients have said they felt ashamed of the frustration and overwhelm they were feeling before they came to see me. They worried that they would never find the fulfillment or depth in their relationships that they had found in their careers. And they were pretty certain that they would enter therapy just to find out that there was something fundamentally wrong with them. The shame was like a boulder they couldn't budge, and it was suffocating them!

Like my clients, you deserve to feel authentically you in every aspect of life. You've worked so hard to be successful, and that sense of genuine fulfillment is not out of your reach. If you're ready to experience life in depth, and begin to feel authentically connected to yourself and others, I'd love to help you get there.

We'll find our way back to you. I can help. Call now.

“Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength.”

Sigmund Freud


Compassion. Care. Connection.

Perhaps you're feeling down or anxious. Maybe you're unsure about the future of a relationship, or just feel that you aren't living the life you were meant to lead. Or, you’ve been on this journey of healing for a while, but the progress you’ve made feels like it has plateaued and you’re ready to go a little deeper. Whatever it is that brings you in, my role is to facilitate exploration that gets to the root of distress.


Therapy with me is an intimate process of exploration, growth and self-discovery. In our sessions, I help you facilitate lasting transformation by gaining insight and awareness around your thoughts, feelings, and actions, while learning how to embody the version of yourself that you have always hoped for. Sometimes the path is difficult, yet it can also be rewarding work. However your individual path unfolds, know that you won’t be alone in the process. You can be assured that you will be heard and understood right where you are at.

Our first several sessions are dedicated to telling your story and getting to know each other better to see if we’re a good fit. There is no obligation to keep coming- just space for your voice to be heard and understood.


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Hi, I'm Marrissa, a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in the greater Kansas City area. 

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